BeFree guarantees the quality of every yacht in our offer. In BeFree Brokerage we only sell yachts checked thoroughly in terms of technical and visual conditions. If there is any doubtful element of the unit’s construction or anything wrong with the deck equipment they are either repaired or replaced. This ensures that all yachts in BeFree offer are in perfect to give you the pure pleasure of sailing.

For those who are particularly demanding BeFree Yachts offers the yachts’ construction for individual orders. We design and build custom yachts either for extreme sailing or comfortable travel and tourism.

All the maintenance, repair work of the yachts is done in our modern shipyard. We have an experienced team of specialists and cooperate with leading manufacturers and suppliers of yachts’ equipment and construction elements. Full range of services provided by our shipyard can be found on BeFree Yard website.

Our Mission

BeFree is the result of a long term passion and love for sailing. We wish to share our fascination of freedom and adventure with all people around the world to make this sport safer and even more exciting. Our main goal is to create and sell reliable yachts to let you focus only on the pleasure of sailing.

All in one place

BeFree operates in three complementary areas of services: shipbuilding, repair & refit and brokerage. Each of them supports the others and let us provide our clients with complete range of services that any yacht’s owner needs. We will help to choose a yacht that meets your expectations, perform all the necessary repairs and upgrades as well as the periodical maintenance and take care of your yacht while you’re away.

Owning a yacht should be a dream that has come true, therefore our services are focused on maintaining your yacht in a perfect condition so you can just hop onboard and set sail anytime you want.